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Helping law enforcement professionals
get a grip on their English
Do you work in law enforcement? How professional
is your English?
Nowadays, English is the lingua franca for police officers and law enforcement professionals worldwide.
How successful your international co-operation is, how professionally you come across, and your police-to-police networking can depend very much on your own English skills or those of your organisation's representatives.
PolicEng and PolicEng PA offer the most expertise
in native speaker-led English training
for police and law enforcement professionals 
in the Netherlands.
What can we offer you?
Native speaker-led lessons with a trainer fluent in Dutch legal terminology, uniquely specialised in teaching English to law enforcement professionals.
A single point of contact during your entire trajectory, including:
  • first contact
  • course set-up
  • intake(s)
  • training
  • evaluation(s)
  • follow-up
Original, proprietary course materials created only and exclusively for the police
Intensive, short and long-term training (both on-location and off-site)
Tailor-made private and group lessons designed for your (organisation's) needs
Task-specific workshops, adapted to participants' needs and wishes
Flexibility in planning
A cost-free consultation
An efficient intake process
Follow-up to monitor outcome of training